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Deep Impact Coverage

by Brian Webb

2005 July 1

NASA's Deep Impact spacecraft continues to close-in on comet Tempel 1. Late Saturday the probe will release a 39-inch-wide impactor into the path of comet. On July 3 at 22:52 PDT (±3 minutes) Earth-receive time, the impactor should hit its target.

Scientists hope the event will provide information about Tempel 1's basic structure and density. Material beneath the surface of the comet, relatively unchanged since the solar system's formation, may answer questions about its birth.

NASA TV ( plans to provide the following coverage of this unique mission:

Date PDT Event
JUL 1 10:00-10:45 Pre-impact mission engineering briefing
JUL 1 11:00-11:45 Pre-impact mission science briefing
JUL 1 11:45-12:00 Replay of images/animations
JUL 1 13:00-16:00 Pre-impact live interviews
JUL 3 10:00-11:00 Pre-impact separation/navigation update
JUL 3-4 20:30-00:30 Commentary
JUL 4 01:00-02:00 Post-impact press conference
JUL 4 04:00-07:00 Post-impact live interviews
JUL 4 11:00-12:00 Post-impact press conference
JUL 4 13:00-16:00 Post-impact live interviews

NASA TV is available over the Internet, via satellite, and reportedly on some cable TV systems.

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