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2024 April 12

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    Next Generation Weather Satellite Launched from California
    UC Berkeley will Manage $300 Million NASA Mission to Map the UV Universe
    Poised for Science: NASA's Europa Clipper Instruments Are All Aboard
    New Instrument to Capture Stardust as Part of NASA Mission
    California Army Guard Brigade Works 24/7 to Defend Nation
    NASA's 6-Pack of Mini-Satellites Ready for Their Moment in the Sun
    NASA's Deep Space Optical Comm Demo Sends, Receives First Data
    NASA Rocket to See Sizzling Edge of Star-Forming Supernova
    NASA's Voyager Team Focuses on Software Patch, Thrusters
    To Study Atmosphere, NASA Rockets Will Fly into Oct. Eclipse's Shadow
    Utah Test and Training Range has Vital Role in OSIRIS-REx Recovery Mission
    Firefly Aerospace Successfully Launches U.S. Space Force VICTUS NOX Responsive Space Mission with 24-Hour Notice
    Minuteman III Test Launch Showcases Readiness of U.S. Nuclear Force's Safe, Effective Deterrent
    Space Development Agency Completes Second Successful Launch of Tranche 0 Satellites
    Planetary Defense Test Deflected an Asteroid but Unleashed a Boulder Swarm
    NASA's Starling Prepares to Launch Small Spacecraft Swarm to Orbit
    Space Systems Command, Spaceflight Inc. Prepare for Launch of Experimental Satellites
    Massive Radio Array to Search for Extraterrestrial Signals from Other Civilizations
    625th Strategic Operations Squadron Lights Up the Night Sky
    Minuteman III Test Launch Showcases Readiness of U.S. Nuclear Force's Safe, Effective Deterrent
    Space Development Agency Successfully Launches Tranche 0 Satellites
    Joint NASA, CNES Water-Tracking Satellite Reveals First Stunning Views
    Northrop Grumman Test Fires Stage-One Solid Rocket Motor for Sentinel Missile
    Northrop Grumman Validates Sentinel Missile Design through Rigorous Wind Tunnel Testing Campaign
    Minuteman III Test Launch Showcases Readiness of U.S. Nuclear Force's Safe, Effective Deterrent
    Update on "Start Me Up" Mission Anomaly


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     2022 Space and Astronomy News
        NASA Launches International Mission to Survey Earth's Water
        Space Dynamics Lab-Built Deep Space Radio Enters Lunar Orbit — Supports Artemis Program
        USU Leads International Space Mission to Shed New Light on Brazil's Vexing GPS Problem
        United Launch Alliance Enables Advanced Weather Forecasting with Launch of Climate Monitoring Satellite for NOAA and NASA
        NASA Prepares to Say 'Farewell' to InSight Spacecraft
        Satellite to Study Earth's Water Arrives at Launch Site
        Testing, Testing: Space-Bound US-European Water Mission Passes Finals
        Penn State's High-precision X-ray Instrument Makes its First Trip to Space
        NASA's Perseverance Rover Investigates Geologically Rich Mars Terrain
        With Webb Space Telescope, UArizona Astronomers Help Detect Carbon Dioxide in Exoplanet Atmosphere
        Minuteman III Test Launch Showcases Readiness of U.S. Nuclear Force's Safe, Effective Deterrent
        National Guard Coordinates Transport of German Satellite
        NASA Eyes November for Launch of NOAA’s JPSS-2
        Are We Alone in the Cosmos? Space Dynamics Lab to Help Answer the Question
        NASA Gives Green Light for OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft to Visit Another Asteroid
        International Sea Level Satellite Takes Over From Predecessor
        Austin Postpones Test of Minuteman III Missile

     2021 Space and Astronomy News
        Tuesday Vandenberg Launch Visibility
        Near-earth Asteroid Might be a Lost Fragment of the Moon
        To Find Life on Other Planets, NASA Rocket Team Looks to the Stars
        DART Arrives at Vandenberg SFB
        Electron Launches Space Force Satellite
        NASA Satellites Aid Vegetation Research at NMSU
        AFRL Leaps Forward in NTS-3 Spacecraft Development
        NASA Selects 2 Missions to Study 'Lost Habitable' World of Venus
        Successful Start of Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument Follows Record-setting Trial Run
        Serendipitous Juno Detections Shatter Ideas About Origin of Zodiacal Light
        Virgin Orbit Aces Second Launch Demo and Deploys NASA Payloads
        A New NASA Space Telescope, SPHEREx, Is Moving Ahead

     2020 Space and Astronomy News
        New Sunspot Cycle Could Be One Of The Strongest On Record
        Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich Prepared for Launch
        U.S.-European Sea Level Satellite Gears Up for Launch
        New Sea Level Satellite Arrives at California Launch Site
        Solar Cycle 25 Is Here. NASA, NOAA Scientists Explain What That Means
        NASA, ULA Launch Mars Rover Mission
        Rocket Lab to Demonstrate Fastest Launch Turnaround to Date
        6th SOPS Provides Assistance During Hurricane Season
        JPL Mission Breaks Record for Smallest Satellite to Detect an Exoplanet
        DESI Team Prepares for Instrument's Restart
        SpaceShipTwo Completes First Flight From Spaceport America
        Sandia Supports Hypersonic Flight Test
        New Telescope To Look For Laser Pulses From Life Around Other Planets
        USS Maine Successfully Tests Trident II D5LE Missile

     2019 Space and Astronomy News
        NMSU Astronomers Contribute to Discovery of Giant Magnetic Ropes in Galaxy's Halo
        NASA Soil Data Joins the Air Force
        NASA's Mars 2020 Will Hunt for Microscopic Fossils
        Armoring Satellites to Survive and Operate through Attacks
        4th Space Operations Squadron Improves Space Warfighting Capabilities
        USS Nebraska Tests Four Trident II D5 Missiles
        Breakthrough Listen launches New Optical Search with VERITAS Telescope Array
        Virgin Orbit Completes Key Drop Test
        Scientists Use Asteroid to Measure Smallest Star Size to Date
        NASA Selects USU-led Mission to Study Space Weather
        NASA's Opportunity Rover Logs 15 Years on Mars

     2018 Space and Astronomy News
        After Two Long Careers, QuikSCAT Rings Down the Curtain
        Ceres Takes Life an Ice Volcano at a Time
        Saturday Vandenberg Launch
        NASA's InSight Has a Thermometer for Mars
        Ice Confirmed at the Moon's Poles
        Space Force to Become Sixth Branch of Armed Forces
        First Laser Light for GRACE Follow-On
        A New Telescope Expands Big Bear Solar Observatory’s View of the Sun
        NASA Finds Ancient Organic Material, Mysterious Methane on Mars
        Astrophysics CubeSat Demonstrates Big Potential in a Small Package
        NASA InSight Mission to Mars Arrives at Launch Site

     2017 Space and Astronomy News
        Next-Generation GRACE Satellites Arrive at Launch Site
        Solar System's First Interstellar Visitor Dazzles Scientists
        Curiosity Mars Rover Begins Study of Ridge Destination
        Veteran Ocean Satellite to Assume Added Role
        Air Force Stargazers Keep Skyward Watch
        AFRL Rocket Lab Technology Demonstration Program Completes Testing on Full-Scale Turbopump Machinery
        F.E. Warren Tests Minuteman III Missile with Launch from Vandenberg
        Futuristic Clock Prepared for Space
        $5.8 Million Grant Helps Expand Radio Telescope to Study 'Cosmic Dawn'
        Minot Tests Minuteman III Missile with Launch from Vandenberg
        Study Tracks 'Memory' of Soil Moisture

    2016 Space and Astronomy News
        NASA's NEOWISE Mission Spies One Comet, Maybe Two
        Searching for Trojan Asteroids, Earth's Unseen Companions
        Cracked, Frozen and Tipped Over: New Clues From Pluto's Past
        New, Space-Based View of Human-Made Carbon Dioxide
        Advanced Space Surveillance Telescope Has Critical Military Applications
        NASA's $19 Million Contract Extends Lockheed Martin-Built IRIS Space Observatory for Deeper Look at the Sun
        The Supernova That Wasn't: A Tale of 3 Cosmic Eruptions
        Malmstrom Tests Minuteman III Missile with Launch from Vandenberg
        Looking from Space for Nuclear Detonations
        3-D Galaxy-mapping Project Enters Construction Phase
        WorldView-4 Earth Imaging Satellite Arrives at Vandenberg
        UA-Led Team Confirms 100-Plus Exoplanets Via Kepler Mission
        Europa's Ocean May Have An Earthlike Chemical Balance
        Ball Aerospace Begins Environmental Testing for NOAA's Joint Polar Satellite System-1 Satellite
        Saturn Spacecraft Samples Interstellar Dust
        NASA Selects Instrument Team to Build Next-Gen Planet Hunter
        Tales of a Tilting Moon Hidden in Its Polar Ice
        Versatile Instrument to Scout for Kuiper Belt Objects
        Minot Tests Minuteman III Missile with Launch from Vandenberg
        United Launch Alliance Successfully Launches Payload for the National Reconnaissance Office
        Student-Built Experiment Integrated Onto UA's OSIRIS-REx NASA Mission

    2015 Space and Astronomy News
        NASA's LADEE Mission Shows the Force of Meteoroid Strikes on Lunar Exosphere
        NASA selects NMSU to Continue Collecting, Preserving Atmospheric Data from Planets
        F.E. Warren Tests Minuteman III Missile with Launch from Vandenberg AFB
        NASA Sets Coverage Schedule for CubeSat Launch Events
        Viewing Features Rare Supermoon Eclipse
        New Joint Interagency Combined Space Operations Center to be Established
        Minot Conducts ICBM Test Launch on 45 Year Minuteman III Anniversary
        Stellar Discovery: NMSU Researchers Co-author Study Revealing Stars in Galaxy Have Moved
        SBIRS GEO-3 Satellite Delivered
        OSIRIS-REx's First Instrument Arrives for Integration Into the Spacecraft
        Cosmic Ray Observatory to Expand
        Air Force Releases Rocket Propulsion System Prototypes RFP
        AFGSC Conducts Minuteman III Missile Test Launch from Vandenberg
        COSMIAC's Third CubeSat Mission will Study Ionosphere
        UA to Join 'A-Team' in Search for Earthlike Planets
        ULA Unveils New Rocket
        Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Extends to New Realms
        Astronomy in the Fast Lane: New System Watches for Things that Go Bump in the Night
        NMSU Astronomers Contribute to Massive Star Database
        Three Nearly Earth-Size Planets Found Orbiting Nearby Star

    2014 Space and Astronomy News
        Tales from a Martian Rock
        Aerojet Rocketdyne Successfully Demonstrates 3D Printed Rocket Propulsion System for Satellites
        Atlas Launch Successful
        Lick Observatory Plans Major Upgrade for Shane Telescope
        W88 Warhead Program Performs Successful Tests
        X-37B Lands at Vandenberg AFB
        NMSU Helps NASA's Scientific Balloon Program Achieve Rare Feat
        Satellite Accepted Into DMSP Constellation
        Boeing Receives First Order for 502 Phoenix Small Satellite
        New NASA Research Shows Giant Asteroids Battered Early Earth
        Delta II Launch Visibility
        Target Missile Intercepted Over the Pacific Ocean During Missile Defense Exercise
        SpaceX Completes Qualification Testing of SuperDraco Thruster
        NASA Carbon-Counting Satellite Arrives at Launch Site
        NASA's Spitzer, WISE Find Sun's Close, Cold Neighbor
        Exoplanets Soon to Gleam in the Eye of NESSI
        Atlas V Launched From Vandenberg
        Atlas Launch Visibility
        U.S. Weather Satellite Encapsulated for Launch
        DMSP: Another Global Utility
        NASA's Kepler Mission Announces a Planet Bonanza, 715 New Worlds
        ULA Marks 25th Anniversary of Delta II Rocket
        Lockheed Martin MUOS Satellite Tests Show Extensive Reach in Polar Communications Capability
        Recently Reactivated NASA Spacecraft Spots Its First New Asteroid
        First 2014 Asteroid Discovered: Update

    2013 Space and Astronomy News
        Small Satellites on a BIG Mission: Air Force Launches High-Tech NanoSats
        DMSP F-19 Weathers Launch Preparation
        NASA Rover Confirms Mars Origin of Some Meteorites
        Diamond 'Super-Earth' May Not be Quite as Precious, UA Graduate Student Finds
        NASA's Cassini Spacecraft Finds Ingredient of Household Plastic in Space
        NASA Spacecraft Embarks on Historic Journey Into Interstellar Space
        NMSU Professor's Efforts Prompt Bill to Establish National Park on Moon
        Defense Weather Satellite 19 Transported to Vandenberg AFB
        NASA's WISE Finds Mysterious Centaurs May Be Comets
        SMC, SpaceX Sign Agreement
        NASA Antenna Cuts Mercury to Core, Solves 30 Year Mystery
        NASA Prepares for International Space Biology Research Mission
        NASA's Newest Solar Satellite Arrives at Vandenberg AFB for Launch
        NASA Team Investigates Complex Chemistry at Titan
        NASA Scientists Find Moon and Asteroids Share Cosmic History
        Hagel: U.S. Bolstering Missile Defense
        SpaceX Launches Falcon 9
        Tooele Army Depot to Store Rocket Motors for Missile Defense Agency

    2012 Space and Astronomy News
        Northrop Grumman Supports U.S. Air Force Minuteman Missile Test Launch
        NASA Researchers Strike Scientific Gold with Meteorite
        Schriever Squadrons Assure Safe Passage in Space Domain
        NASA Radar Images Asteroid 2007 PA8
        World's Most Advanced Mirror for Giant Telescope Completed
        NMSU Student Assists Search for Life on Mars
        Telescope to Zoom in on the Blue Snow
        NASA's Techedsat Launches From International Space Station
        NASA Rover Finds Old Streambed on Martian Surface
        Berkeley Lab Sensors Enable First Light for Dark Energy Camera
        NASA's WISE Survey Uncovers Millions of Black Holes
        NASA Telescope Captures Sharpest Images of Sun's Corona
        Raytheon Awarded $636 million for Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle
        NASA'S Cassini Finds Probable Subsurface Ocean on Saturn Moon
        NASA Hosts Global Viewing Events for Rare Venus Transit
        JPL Invites all Earthlings to Annual Open House
        NMSU's Apache Point Observatory Team Observes Record 103,000 Spectra in March
        NASA's WISE Mission Sees Skies Ablaze With Blazars
        NASA Landsat's Thermal Infrared Sensor Arrives at Orbital
        New Satellite Instrument for Improved Weather Forecasts Put into Service
        SpaceX Test Fires Advanced New Engine
        Keeping an Eye on the Universe

    2011 Space and Astronomy News
        NASA Twin Spacecraft On Final Approach For Moon Orbit
        Scientists Publish New Findings About the 'Supernova of a Generation'
        NASA's Voyager Hits New Region at Solar System Edge
        NASA's Airborne Observatory Views Stars Forming Region W40
        Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne and NASA Complete Hot-Fire Test on J-2X Engine
        NASA Readies New Type Of Earth-Observing Satellite For Launch
        NASA's Asteroid Hunter Finds Fewer 'Planet-Buster' Asteroids Than Predicted
        Military Tracks Errant Satellite for NASA
        NASA Earth-Observing Satellite Arrives In California For Launch
        Moon And Earth May Be Younger Than Originally Thought
        Briny Water may be at Work on Mars
        Santa Barbara Near Space Balloon Recovered Successfully
        Northrop Grumman Team Supports Minuteman III Launch
        Clocking Neptune's Spin
        Vandenberg Launches Minuteman III
        Army Supports Student Launch Program
        NASA Selects UA-Led Mission to Collect Sample From Asteroid
        Gravity Probe B Confirms Two Einstein Theories
        Meteors from Halley's Comet
        Salt-Seeking Spacecraft Arrives At Vandenberg AFB
        NASA Names Mishap Board For Taurus Xl Launch Failure Investigation
        Point Mugu Supports Missile Defense Test
        An Astronomer's Field of Dreams
        Glory Earth Science Satellite Arrives at Vandenberg AFB

    2010 Space and Astronomy News
        Contract Marks New Generation for Deep Space Network
        Cadet-built Satellite to Launch Nov. 19
        Mystery Launch Probably Not a Mystery
        Arizona's Largest Public-Only Telescope Now at UA's SkyCenter
        CU Student-Built Dust Counter Breaks Distance Record As It Heads for Pluto
        Newly Discovered Planet May Be First Truly Habitable Exoplanet
        NASA's Successful Ice Cloud and Land Elevation Mission Comes to an End
        Planets Align for the Perseid Meteor Shower
        BYU Team Installs New Antenna on World's Largest Radio Telescope
        NASA Spacecraft Camera Yields Most Accurate Mars Map Ever
        NASA's WISE Mission to Complete Extensive Sky Survey
        Upward-looking Camera Systems Yield Information About Meteoric Events
        NASA Astronomers to Observe Hayabusa Homecoming
        NASA's Airborne Infrared Observatory Sees The "First Light"
        University of Arizona Astronomer Helps Discover New Supernova Type
        Cassini and Amateurs Chase Storm on Saturn
        NASA Sensors Providing Rapid Estimates of Iceland Volcano Emissions
        An Avalanche of Dark Asteroids
        Arizona Astronomers Discover Most Primitive Supermassive Black Holes
        First Measurement of Age of Cometary Material
        Airborne Laser Testbed Successful in Lethal Intercept Experiment
        CU Space Weather Instrument Package Set for Launch
        NOAA Scientist Finds Clue to Predicting Solar Flares
        NASA's WISE Eye Spies First Glimpse of the Starry Sky

    2009 Space and Astronomy News
        Voyager Makes an Interstellar Discovery
        NASA WISE Delta II Launch Successful
        Spitzer Telescope Observes Baby Brown Dwarf
        Here Comes the Leonid Meteor Shower
        Blast from the Past Gives Clues About Early Universe
        Astronomers do it Again: Find Organic Molecules Around Gas Planet
        Delta II Launch Successful
        Astronomers Begin New Search for Dark Energy
        In Search of Dark Asteroids (and Other Sneaky Things)
        Spacecraft Talk Continued During JPL Wildfire Threat
        Catalina Sky Survey Spawns Catalina Real-Time Transient Survey
        Tiny Diamonds on Santa Rosa Island Give Evidence of Cosmic Impact
        NASA Releases OCO Accident Summary
        Vandenberg Schedules Minuteman III Launch
        JPL Wind Watcher Blows Into its Second Decade
        WISE Mission Assembled and Preparing for Launch
        Rare Radio Supernova in Nearby Galaxy is Nearest Supernova in 5 Years
        Delta II Launch Successful
        Airborne Laser Begins Weapon System Flight Tests
        NASA Team Finds Riches in Meteorite Treasure Hunt
        Airmen Assume Control of New GPS Satellite
        UC San Diego Engineering Students Launch Cockroaches and Cameras Into Space
        NASA Spacecraft Falling for Mars
        ULA Delta II Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Successful NOAA-N Prime Launch
        The Orbiting Carbon Observatory and the Mystery of the Missing Sinks
        Arizona Radio Observatory Enhances Teaching, Research for New Research Center
        Astronomers Discover New Radio Signal Using Large Balloon

    2008 Space and Astronomy News
        Oceanography Mission Data Available
        Guardsmen Hone in on Successful Missile Defense Test
        Boeing-led Team Intercepts Target
        Los Alamos Observatory Fingers Cosmic Ray 'Hot Spots'
        Venus Joins Jupiter After Sunset
        NASA Awards CU-Boulder $2 Million for Student Sounding Rocket Program
        Astronomers Capture First Images of Newly-Discovered Solar System
        Carbon-Sniffing Satellite Arrives at Vandenberg
        Minuteman III Launch Scheduled
        Delta II Launch Successful
        Star Count Goes Global
        Greenhouse Gases Mapped from Space
        First Detection of Magnetic Field in Distant Galaxy Produces a Surprise
        Vandenberg Supports Test
        Raytheon Awarded Missile Interceptor Contract
        Lander Sees, Feels Martian Whirlwinds
        Airborne Laser Achieves Milestone
        Fleischmann Planetarium Announces Films and Star Shows
        Mars Lander Explores By Trenching
        Medium Black Holes Rare
        Phoenix Images Martian Dust Particle
        Vandenberg Launches Minuteman III
        Cassini to Swoop by Geyser-Spewing Moon
        Active Meteor Shower Peaks Next Week
        Spacecraft Confirms Water on Mars
        OSTM/Jason 2 Begins Mapping Oceans
        NASA Image Archive Goes Online
        Boeing, MDA Complete Sensor Test
        Ocean Surface a Boon for Extreme Event Forecasts, Warnings
        What's Wrong with the Sun?
        GeoEye-1 Shipped to Vandenberg
        See the King of Planets
        SOFIA Mirror Coated
        NASA Spacecraft Reveal Largest Crater in Solar System
        Frozen Water Confirmed on Mars
        Students Launch Rocket at White Sands
        Mars Lander Scoops Soil for Analysis
        LIGO Observations Probe the Dynamics of the Crab Pulsar
        Mars Lander Puts Arm, Tools to Work
        New Measurements Reveal Slimmer Milky Way
        Vandenberg Launches Minuteman III
        Lockheed Martin to Build GPS III System
        NASA Briefings and TV Coverage Schedule for Phoenix Mars Landing
        Intense Testing Paved Phoenix Road to Mars
        Saturn Does the Wave in Upper Atmosphere
        Ocean Survey Spacecraft Arrives at Vandenberg
        Stalling Motor Plagues Mars Rover
        JPL Invites Public to Open House
        Boeing Selected to Launch WorldView-2
        NASA Sets Sights on Lunar Dust Mission
        CU to Launch Sounding Rocket Payload
        Vandenberg Launches Minuteman III
        Cassini Detects Organic Material at Enceladus
        Lieutenant's Experiment Flies on Shuttle
        Water Vapor Detected in Protoplanetary Disks
        Atlas V Launch a Success
        Asteroid's Moon to Occult Star
        Ames Tests Kepler Image Detectors
        Lunar Eclipse Visible for North America
        Saturn Has a 'Giant Sponge'
        Vandenberg Prepares for First Atlas V Launch
        Linked Hawaiian Telescopes Catch a Nova Surprise
        NASA Scientists Get First Images of Earth Flyby Asteroid
        Caltech Receives $24M for Space Institute
        Inspection Under Way at Vandenberg AFB
        SOFIA Completes Closed-Door Test Flight

    2007 Space and Astronomy News
        Catalina Sky Survey Discovers Space Rock that could Hit Mars
        USAF Weather Satellite Delivered to Vandenberg
        Keep Track of New Worlds: PlanetQuest 2.0
        Youthful Star Sprouts Planets Early
        Astronomers Say Moons Like Ours Are Uncommon
        NASA Tests Parachute for Ares Rockets
        Meteors Heat Up November Mornings
        Cosmic Ray Mystery Solved?
        NASA to Establish Lunar Science Institute
        7th Space Warning Squadron Guides Interceptor
        Solar Telescope Reaches 120,000 Feet
        NASA Extends Operations for Mars Rovers
        Spacecraft Tests Ion Engine
        Multiwavelength Images of Universe Available on Google Sky
        First Contact: Sputnik
        Missile Defense Exercise Successful
        Mission to Detect Black Holes Scheduled for 2011 Launch
        DigitalGlobe Successfully Launches Worldview-1
        NASA Collaborates with Russia on Foton-M3 Mission
        Caltech Astronomers Obtain Sharpest-Ever Pictures of the Heavens
        Gift Supports Automated Planet Finder
        Scientists Find Elusive Waves in Sun's Corona
        Palomar Sky Survey Featured in Google Sky
        Speeding-Bullet Star Leaves Enormous Streak Across Sky
        Astronauts to Study Bacterial Growth in Space
        Largest Extrasolar Planet Found
        Dreamy Lunar Eclipse
        Ball Aerospace Prepares to Ship WorldView I
        Star Spews Molecules Needed for Life
        START Exercise Preps Vandenberg for Inspectors' Visit
        NASA Awards Upper Stage Engine Contract for Ares Rockets
        Great Perseids
        Astronomers Find Most Distant Galaxies
        Hydrocarbons Found on Saturn Moon
        Mars Rover Ready For Descent Into Crater
        QuikSCAT Marks Eight Years in Orbit
        Nanotechnology Sensor Tested in Space
        Strong Evidence that Mars once had an Ocean
        Mount Wilson Telescope Array Images Altair
        Running Rings Around the Galaxy
        CU-Boulder Selected for Sounding Rocket Payload
        U. of Colorado to Partner on Chile Infrared Telescope
        Adaptive Optics Pinpoints Supermassive Black Holes
        Extreme Winds Rule Exoplanet's Weather
        Mars Lander Delivered to NASA
        Aqua Satellite Celebrates Fifth Anniversary
        JPL Open House Announced
        Panel Releases Solar Cycle 24 Forecast
        Clock Counting Down for NASA Launch
        NASA to Study Clouds at Edge of Space
        NASA Finds Evidence for New Molecular Structure in Space
        Astronomers Invite Public to UA to 'Share the Stars' on Astronomy Day
        Long Wavelength Array Prototype Sees First Light
        Cassini Images Bizarre Hexagon on Saturn
        Arizona Telescope to get Billion-Pixel Camera
        Vandenberg Launch to Exercise Massive Radar
        Kuiper-Belt Object was Broken by Massive Impact
        Spacecraft to Study Clouds at Edge of Space Arrives at Vandenberg
        Double-Star Systems Cycle Between Big and Small Blasts
        Airmen Receive Cutting-Edge Satellite Training
        Lunar Spacecraft Passes Critical Review
        Urban Glow Hides Stars, Disrupts Animal Life
        Spectra of Extra-Solar Planet Puzzles Astronomers
        Firms to Develop Innovative Space Insulation
        Cal Tech Announces Joint Search for Gravitational Waves
        Minuteman GPS Tracking System Flown
        Minuteman III Launched
        USAF Environmental Satellite Begins Operation
        Advanced EHF Payload Antennas Integrated
        DOE Supports UC Santa Cruz Dark Matter and Supernovae Research
        Ceremony Marks Minuteman III/MK21 Deployment
        Minuteman III Propulsion Contract Awarded
        Rocket Re-entry over Colorado and Wyoming

    2006 Space and Astronomy News
        NASA Teaches Old Rovers New Tricks
        NASA Data Helps Pinpoint Wildfire Threats
        Spitzer Detects Glow of Universe's First Objects
        Spacecraft Reads Clues in Mars Layers
        GeneSat-1 To Hitch Ride On Rocket
        Geminid Meteors Peak December 13-14: Special Presentation at Flandrau
        HiRISE Team Releasing Flood of Mars Images
        Mars Craft Goes Silent
        Milky Way's Dark Matter Halo Revealed
        Utah Rocket Motor Test
        Meteors Streak Into View This Weekend
        Satellite Sensor to Measure Airglow
        Delta IV Launch Successful
        Weather Satellite Ready for Launch
        Construction of WISE Satellite Approved
        Rocket Launch a Learning Experience
        Planet Hunters Wanted
        Griffith Observatory to Reopen
        California Astrophysicist Wins Nobel Prize
        Mars Rover Arrives at Dramatic Vista
        Titan IV Solid Rocket Motors Destroyed
        Mars Radar Ready for Work
        Massive Solar Arrays Installed on Space Station
        Jupiter-Sized Planet Found Using Novel Telescope Network
        Vandenberg Supports Missile Defense Test
        Huge Black Holes Stifle Star Formation
        Minor Planet Named After UCSD Dean
        Network Leads Astronomers to Major Discoveries
        Mercury's Morning Show
        Cassini Finds Lakes on Titan's Arctic Region
        NASA Partners with AirLaunch
        Vandenberg Launches Minuteman III
        Southern California Astronomy Exposition
        Raytheon Selected for GPS Receiver Development
        NASA Satellites Find Balance in South America's Water Cycle
        University to Build Telescope in Southern Utah
        Historic New Mexico Launch Scheduled
        Globemaster Airdrops Falcon Small Launch Vehicle
        Minuteman III Launch
        Huge Amateur Radio CubeSat Launch Set for June 28
        Lockheed Martin-Developed U.S. Navy Tracking Antenna Supports Minuteman III Flight Test
        Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) Passes Conceptual Design Review
        Saturn's Moon Enceladus May Have Rolled Over To Put A Hot Spot At The Pole
        New Space Observations Poised to Save Lives from Floods, Landslides
        Astrophysicists Discover 'Compact Jets' From Neutron Star
        Rocketdyne Engine Selected for Cargo Vehicle
        A Ruler To Measure The Universe
        JPL Open House: An Invitation to Explore New Worlds
        The Year's Brightest Comet
        Powerful CARMA Brings Cool, Far Out Astrophysics More in Focus
        Boeing Delta II Lifts NASA Spacecraft to Orbit
        AFSPC Celebrates 10 Years of MSX
        U.S.-Taiwan Satellite Constellation to Launch
        Spitzer Finds Hints of Pulsar Planet Formation
        NSF Funds Telescope Upgrade
        Mini-Comets Approaching Earth
        Scientists Issue Solar Forecast
        Orbiter Nears Red Planet
        MSU Rocket Roars into Space
        Hunting for Exploding Stars
        Center Dedicated to Save Meteorites
        Solar Physicists Report Paradox
        3,2,1 ... Blastoff! Vandenberg Preps for Another Year of Flawless Launches
        Sky Survey Tops 2005 Discoveries
        Search for Interstellar Dust
        Advanced Instrument Delivered

    2005 Space and Astronomy News
        Student-Built Instrument To Monitor Dust
        NASA Prepares for Stardust Return
        Wings Keep Minuteman Ready
        Rockwell Components Enroute to Mars
        Hunting Antarctic Meteorites
        Vandenberg Launches Final Titan IV
        Mars Doubles in Brightness
        Satellites to Study Clouds and Aerosols
        Minuteman III Launch Scheduled
        Vandenberg to Launch Minuteman III
        X-15 Pilots Receive Astronaut Wings
        Minuteman III Launch
        Grants Awarded to NEO Spotters
        Vandenberg Aids in Discovery Landing
        Mars Probe Ready for Launch
        It Came From Outer Space
        Clue to Glowing X-Ray Sky Found
        Scientists Discover Tenth Planet
        Spitzer Finds Life Components
        Minuteman III Launch
        Columbia's Last Flight Formed Antarctic Clouds
        Deep Impact Coverage
        UA Set to Cast First Mirror for World's Largest Telescope
        Watch the First Solar Sail Fly Overhead!
        Astronomers Discover Most Earth-Like Extrasolar Planet Yet
        Weather Satellite Delivered to Launch Site
        Atlas V Team Achieves Milestone
        Worldwide Network to Track Solar Sail Spacecraft
        Voyager Enters Solar System's Final Frontier
        Cloudsat Arrives at Launch Site
        NASA & NOAA to Launch Environmental Satellite
        Minuteman III Launch
        Genesis Researchers Optimistic
        Signs of Alien Asteroid Belt Seen
        Friday Occultation
        Minotaur Launch Scheduled
        Atlas Rocket Motor Tested
        Quasars Provide Core Samples of Universe
        Minuteman Launch Rescheduled
        Wednesday Minuteman Launch
        Cassini Finds an Atmosphere on Enceladus
        CloudSat Concludes Environmental Testing
        Dryden Assists Shuttle Return to Flight
        Mars Rovers Continue Exploration
        Atlas V Arrives at Vandenberg
        NASA Helps Measure Titan Winds
        NOAA Satellites Assist In Rescues
        Team Measures Arctic Atmosphere
        Rover Finds Meteorite on Mars
        Portrait of a Star on Edge
        Iapetus' Bulging Waistline
        Shuttle Mapping Mission Finale

    2004 Space and Astronomy News
        Cassini Mission Status
        Probe Set to Detach From Cassini
        Aura Sheds Light on Air Quality
        NMSU Satellites to Launch Friday
        Colfax Comet on the Way
        Wetland Changes Affect Florida Freezes
        Solar Sail Launch Scheduled
        Cassini Peeks Below Titan's Clouds
        Minuteman III Communications Improved
        New Telescope Passes Milestones
        Engineers Studying Mars Rover Problem
        Advanced EHF Technology Demonstrated
        X-43A Captive Carry Rescheduled
        SpaceX to Demonstrate Responsive Launch
        Genesis Salvage Efforts Continue
        Minuteman Launch Scheduled
        First Light for Airborne Observatory
        Genesis Impacts Utah Desert
        Satellites Detect Glow from Plankton
        Groundbreaking for Cosmic Ray Project
        Martian Bedrock Hints at Watery Past
        Solar Sail Craft Achieves Milestone
        New Class of Cosmic Explosion Identified
        MESSENGER Viewing Opportunity
        Friday Minuteman III Launch
        Peacekeeper Launch this Wednesday
        DART Arrives at Vandenberg
        Delta II/Aura Launch Rescheduled
        AURA Launch Coverage
        Cassini Arrives at Saturn
        NASA Announces Cassini Coverage
        Historic Flight Slated for Tomorrow
        Mars Rovers going the Extra Mile
        Shuttle Rocket Motor Tested
        Cassini Nears Phoebe
        SPEAR Images Supernova Shock Wave
        Historic Launch Attempt Scheduled
        Earthshine Reveals Climate Fluctuations
        Adaptive Optics Research Reaches the Stars
        Taurus/ROCSAT-2 Launch on Schedule
        Mars Rover Inspects Stone Ejected from Crater
        Searching for ET at Home
        Evidence of Meteor Impact Found off Australia
        X-15 Astronaut Honored with Desert Memorial
        Genesis Spacecraft on Final Lap Toward Home
        Mars Rovers Finish Primary Mission
        JPL Announces Open House
        Gravity Probe B Launched
        Arctic Sea Ice Study May Stir Up Climate Models
        First Aerospike Engine Flight Successful
        Mars Rover Finds Rock Resembling Meteorites
        X-43 Flight Produces Treasure Trove of Data
        Gravity Probe B to Test Einstein
        Spirit Finds Hints of Past Water
        NASA's X-43A Hypersonic Aircraft Ready for Flight
        Vandenberg AFB to Launch Minuteman III
        "Fab Five" Make Rare Appearance in Night Sky
        Vandenberg Payload Reveals Benefits of Santa Anas
        ICESat Instrument Verified
        Lockheed Martin Plays Role in Comet Mission
        Scientists Discover New Planetoid
        Mars Rover Pictures Raise "Blueberry Muffin" Questions
        X-43A Completes Captive-Carry Flight
        Cassini Mission Status
        Lecture to Focus on Venus Transit
        Rover Lowers Wheels, Looks Around in Infrared
        Vandenberg Launches Booster

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