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Historic New Mexico Launch Scheduled

UP Aerospace News Release via PRWeb

2006 June 30

Hartford, CT -- UP Aerospace, Inc. -- -- the world's premier supplier of low-cost space access, has announced August 14th as the official date of the inaugural commercial space launch from New Mexico's proposed spaceport facility.

Eric Knight, CEO of UP Aerospace, commented, "We're abundantly proud to have teamed up with New Mexico on this historic endeavor. Not only does this commercial space launch mark a new era in America's private space industry, it opens the door to wonderful achievements destined to occur from New Mexico."

Knight continued, "Our vehicle contains over 50 experiments and payloads from the private and educational sectors, worldwide. And it's just the first of multiple commercial space launches that we will be conducing. Another significant space launch is in October, concurrent with this year's X PRIZE CUP event."

On board the August 14th space launch will be scientific and experimental payloads from the following universities: University of Colorado at Boulder, Brown University (co-developed with AeroAstro, Inc.), University of Hartford, Central Connecticut State University, and New Mexico State University.

Knight also said, "In addition to the university payloads, we will also be flying into space over 40 experiments created by high school students from across America. To open the space-access door to students at this level, we've partnered with the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology (CCAT) and the National Aerospace Leadership Initiative (NALI). These organizations have established "LaunchQuest" -- a novel program that lets youngsters conduct their own space-flight research."

The commercial sector is also well represented. Knight said in this regard, "We have a number of companies -- from the U.S. and Europe -- that are literally 'launching' novel business initiatives. For instance, a company called ZG Aerospace specializes in providing space transportation for personal items -- business cards, rings, etc. Also, a leading marketing company in Italy, Realdream Association, is flying a number of payloads for its European clients. Because of various confidentially agreements, we can't say too much about our commercial payloads right now. Let's just say that the public will find these entrepreneurial endeavors to be out of this world."

Jerry Larson, UP Aerospace president and chief technology officer, said, "Our 20-foot-tall, single-stage, 800-pound SpaceLoft XL solid-fuel rocket will accelerate to five times the speed of sound -- nearly 3,400 miles per hour -- in just 13.5 seconds. It will reach the international definition of space, 62 miles or 100 kilometers, in just a minute and a half, and a achieve a flight apogee of about 70 miles shortly thereafter."

Larson continued, "The mission includes support from White Sands Missile Range, located just to the east of the Spaceport. Our SpaceLoft XL rocket includes a C-Band transponder that will be tracked by the radars at White Sands, providing the highest quality data possible for use in licensing the Spaceport with the FAA."

UP Aerospace's SpaceLoft XL vehicle provides:

* 110-pound payload capacity.
* 10,500-cubic-inches payload volume.
* Payloads up to 10 inches in diameter and 7 feet long.
* Opportunities for in-space payload deployment.
* Space-flight profiles up to 140 miles / 225 km with a wide range of micro-gravity options.

"This is a very exciting announcement," said Rick Homans, Secretary of the New Mexico Economic Development Department. "It's the next milestone for the State of New Mexico in continuing our leadership role in the second space age. This launch will put New Mexico's Spaceport on the map, and will get us one step further towards getting our FAA license. Over the last year, it has been a pleasure working towards this day with UP Aerospace. Together, we're looking forward to making history."

UP Aerospace brings newfound affordability to launching significant-size payloads and sophisticated experiments into space. Complete on-land payload recovery and a wide range of tracking, telemetry, and avionics options, make UP Aerospace the perfect solution for both business and educational space-flight opportunities.

UP Aerospace is currently filling its flight manifest for the remainder of 2006, as well as for space launches in 2007 and 2008. The company intends to conduct up to 30 space launches per year. To inquire about flying an experiment or payload aboard an upcoming space launch, contact UP Aerospace at 1-877-UP-UP-321 (1-877-878-7321). Or visit

For more information, contact:

Eric Knight, CEO
UP Aerospace, Inc.
(860) 673-2502

Katie Roberts, Public Information Officer
New Mexico Economic Development Department
(505) 476-3747

This story was originally titled "UP Aerospace Announces August 14th for Historic Space Launch from New Mexico's Spaceport".

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