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Rocket Re-entry over Colorado and Wyoming

NORAD News Release

2007 January 4

Peterson Air Force Base, Colo. - NORAD and U.S. Northern Command are aware that a Russian SL-4 spacecraft launch stage from a commercial satellie launch re-entered the atmosphere over Wyoming through Colorado earlier this morning. The 1st Space Control Squadron, located at Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station in Colorado Springs, Colorado tracked this re-entry from a launch that occurred 27 December 2006.

As is typical during re-entry, objects like this break up and burn up. However, it is possible that small pieces could reach the ground. The most likely area for these pieces to be located are southwestern Colo., and northwestern N.M. Currently, no damage has been reported and the debris is not believed to be hazardous.

It's important for everyone to understand that the re-entry of pieces from this rocket is complete. We encourage anyone who believes that they may know the location of a piece from this rocket exercise caution and inform their local authorities immediately for potential recovery operations.

While the re-entry of space debris occurs almost daily, it is statistically unusual for the object to land in populated areas.

The NORAD-USNORTHCOM Command Center informed the National Guard Bureau and Department of Homeland Security of this event so that local authorities and first responders would be aware.

NORAD-USNORTHCOM continues to monitor the situation.

This story was originally titled "*UPDATE* Rocket Re-entry over Colorado and Wyoming *UPDATE*".

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